Welcome to Bad Portier, you beautiful misfits.

If you’re looking for cookie-cutter clothes to blend in with the sheep, you’ve come to the wrong place. 

We’re here for the rebels, the outsiders, the ones who’d rather die than conform.



Our mission? To shatter the status quo and create a gateway to the most unconventional fashion realm you’ve ever seen. We’re not interested in following trends; we’re here to set them on fire and dance on the ashes.

Think high-quality streetwear meets middle finger to society. Our clothes are crafted with the kind of attention to detail that would make your grandma’s knitting circle weep with envy. But don’t let the quality fool you – we’re as edgy as a serrated knife.

We use materials like metal, lacquer, and leather because basic fabrics are for basic bitches. Our color scheme? Mainly black and white, because life isn’t black and white, but your wardrobe should be.



At Bad Portier, we’re building a community of like-minded individuals who aren’t afraid to stand out. Whether you’re into techno, trap, or death metal, if you love clean aesthetics with subtle details, you’ve found your tribe.

We’re committed to ethical practices, but don’t expect us to brag about it. We’re too busy being fair, inclusive, and making the world a better place. One badass outfit at a time. If you need a sticker to prove it, sure.
We will get you one.


Remember: Bad Portier isn’t for everyone.

It’s for the eccentrics, the outsiders, the ones who don’t need or want to walk around in shiny colors. If that’s you, welcome home. If not, well, there’s always the mall.

Stand with us or step aside. The choice is yours, the door is open, and we’re waiting to shatter the fashion mainstream together.

Enter and start your #badportierera with us. 

Yes, I am talking to you.